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IBA offers complete solutions for your radiopharmaceutical production.
You can extend your tracer production for programs beyond oncology, such as cardiology and neurology.

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Diagnosis Tracers
& Radiotherapeutics

Radioisotopes what for?

Radioisotopes are used in medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases like cancers, cardiovascular and brain disorders. Different molecule vectors will target different organs with isotopes for either diagnostics or therapeutic purposes*.

Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals are used in diagnostic procedures for identifying the presence and extent of malignancy; to select patients for specific treatments; to assess and predict individuals' therapy response and monitor therapy.

Therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals used can treat numerous cancers and other diseases. The radioactive agent delivers radiation specifically targeted cancer cells, with a minimal effect on healthy cells.

Theranostics or personalised medicine is a field of medicine, which combines specific targeted therapeutics (radioligand therapy) based on targeted diagnostic tests.

*Depending on the radioisotope physical characteristics


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