Proven solution for high performance PET & SPECT cyclotrons

IBA is the world leader for the supply of PET & SPECT cyclotrons from 9 Mev to 70 MeV, offering reliable solutions for radiopharmaceuticals production since 1986.

Equip your cyclotron

IBA has a comprehensive range of targets for your radioisotopes production:

Liquid target

For an optimal production of 18F, 13N and 68Ga

Gas Target

For the production of carbon and oxygen radioisotopes

Solid targets

For the production of wide range of metallic and halogen isotopes

Beam Transport Lines

The beam line extension is the tool of choice for solid target work and for research with proton beam on the Cyclone® KIUBE.

310 +
IBA PET cyclotrons

35 +
IBA SPECT cyclotrons

IntegraLab® from
project to production

Acquiring a cyclotron is only the first step in a complex project. Multiple processes and highly sophisticated equipment must be integrated into a cost effective and performant solution. For many years, IBA team of experts has been providing close support to realize fully-compliant (c)GMP facilities. IBA offers a comprehensive range of services required to establish a Radiopharmaceutical (c)GMP Production Center tailored to your precise needs.


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IBA provides continuous support in furthering your skills and applications, boosting your uptime and maximizing the return on your investment with all the latest innovations, services and training.

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