Cyclone® 30 XP

Cyclone® 30 XP is a variable-energy cyclotron that accelerates protons, deuteron and alpha from 15 to 30 MeV.

High Flexibility

With proton (400µA), deuteron (50µA) and alpha (50µAe), it is the perfect tool to combine the field of diagnosis and therapy as well as research works.

Extensive PET & SPECT production possibilities

Energy range from 15 to 30 MeV gives the flexibility to produce a wide range of radioisotopes, including 18F, 64Cu, 89Zr, 68Ge, 123I, 111In, 201Tl, 211At.

Complete solution

IBA is the only supplier that offers you a complete solution & integration of beam transport lines, targetry, chemistry and laboratory equipment for high energy cyclotron.

Complete solution for your radioisotope production

You can produce the widest range of PET and SPECT radioisotopes for OncologyCardiology and Neurology imaging on the Cyclone® 30 XP.

Select the isotope you want to produce and find out which equipment you need.

User's voice

  • Doctor Dinh Ngoc Duy

    Director of Tran Hung Dao Hospital, Vietnam

    Our hospital has selected IBA technology and know-how based on its worldwide leadership and its ability to understand and tailor a custom-made, comprehensive solution to meet our country’s needs, including personnel training.

  • Prof. Van der Wiel

    Director of AccTec B.V., located at Eindhoven University of Technology

    AccTec B.V. has operated a Cyclone 30 since 2003. The cyclotron is showing a remarkable reliability, while currently in operation during six-and-a-half days and nights a week, for a large part at full current (2 x 300 µA). An occasional problem is usually solved rapidly thanks to the excellent relations between the AccTec-staff and the service department of IBA.  

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