Sr82Strontium 82

Strontium-82 used in 82Sr/82Rb generators to produce positron-emitting radionuclide 82Rb. Thanks to its long half-life of 25.5 days, it can be easily delivered to hospitals as a generator, where it can be used as the source of 82Rb for myocardial perfusion imaging.

To produce Strontium 82,
we recommend this production route:

  • Recommended


    82Sr is produced with a cyclotron using proton bombardment at 40-70 MeV

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    Nirta® Solid target 70 MeV

    85Rb in the solid target is irradiated creating the 85Rb(p, 4n)82Sr reaction.

    Target support only is provided by IBA.

    BA provides only the irradiation station equipment.


    Dissolution & Purification

    The irradiated target material is then dissolved and purified to be used as starting material for the generator.

    Chemistry support only provided by IBA.