Synthera® + Platform

Synthera® + offers a cost and space-efficient solution for your tracer production. You can simply select the setup according to your production needs and scale it up to continuously meet the demand.

Multi-runs of multi-tracers

Independent back to back radiosynthesis of different tracers with the Synthera®+ equipped with the unique IFPTM Loader without opening the hotcell.

Accessory based

Synthera® + is an accessory based platform allowing you to start from basic setup and to add functionalities to continuously meet your needs


Higher resistance to radiation damage, leading to longer hardware life time, increased uptime and reduced maintenance.

Discover the
Synthera® + Platform

You can start with a basic setup and to add functionalities to continuously meet the demands of the future.


IFP loader

For multiple runs of multiple molecules without opening the hotcell


Synthera®+ HPLC

For more complex purification


Synthera® Extension

For extra functionalities with additional valves and a syringe driver



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User's voice

  • Prof. Antero Abrunhosa, Ph.D.

    Director, ICNAS

    We can perfectly accommodate multi-run of multiple tracers to fit our daily busy schedule of productions thanks to the combination of the Synthera®+ with the IFP Loader and Synthera® Extension.
    Prod schedule:
    Monday 1 run NaF and 2 runs of FDG 
    Tuesday 2 runs of FDG and 1 FCH 
    Wednesday-Friday 2 runs of FDG

  • Jacky MK Cheung

    Radiochemist, Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital

    Synthera®+ equipped with the IFP Loader can be used for performing a 4 batches of FDG in sequence with consistent yields. It is operated by a user-friendly software. The setup is simple by using readily available reagent kits and IFP.

  • Kim Bergström

    Head of Cyclotron Unit, HUS Medical Imaging Cente

    We have 5 Synthera®+, which have been used starting our first patient FDG production in January 2019. We are currently producing F-18 FDG and F-18 PSMA routinely, and other tracers such as Cyclone® KIUBE produced Ga-68 Dotanoc are approaching. So far our experience of Synthera®+ is good, the synthesizer is compact and reliable

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