Cyclone® IKON

Industrial high energy cyclotron for large production of PET and SPECT isotopes.


Light & compact, the Cyclone® IKON makes no compromise on power with up to 1500µA extracted beam current.


To ensure the highest purity of the injected product, Cyclone® IKON offers a large energy span (13 to 30MeV) with full current capacity to enable the large-scale production of emerging PET, SPECT and parent isotopes.


IBA offers complete radioisotope production solutions, from the target irradiation system to the purified end-product allowing you to have full control of your production process.

Complete solution for your radioisotope production

IBA provides comprehensive solutions to produce the widest range of PET, SPECT and "parent" isotopes for Oncology, Cardiology and Neurology imaging.

Select the isotope you want to produce and find out which equipment you need.

User's voice

  • Erich Kolleger

    CEO at IRE

    We've selected IBA because of the reliability of its equipment. It has the most compact and efficient high energy cyclotron on the market.

  • Renaud Dehareng

    CEO at Curium Pharma

    IBA is a trusted partner for a long time with Curium. We've selected IBA for its worldly recognized expertise and because the new cyclotron demonstrates outstanding production capacity with the highest level of reliability.

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