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Cyclone® 70

Target flexibility : 2 Simultaneous extracted beams

Alpha beam at 70 MeV (option -XP)

Deuteron beam at variable energy; 15-35 MeV  (option -XP)

Proton beam at variable energy; 30 to 70 MeV - 750 µA beam

Up to 6 Beam lines (IBA design)

Highly efficient and reliable

<p>Optimized vacuum to ensure efficient acceleration and low running costs, while maintaining maximum uptime thanks to the IBA design of RF system and modular power supplies.</p>

Dual Beam Extraction

<p>Energy range from 30 to 70&nbsp;MeV gives you the flexibility to produce a wide range of radioisotopes, including <sup>68</sup>Ge, <sup>123</sup>I and <sup>82</sup>Sr.</p>

Proven expertise

<p>IBA is the only company able to provide a high level of expertise and success with the installation and operation of six 70 Mev cyclotrons.</p>

Choose with confidence

The Cyclone® 70 family offers wide flexibility both in accelerated current and energy giving you a large flexibility for production.
Thanks to its multi-targets layout, this machine fits perfectly with routine production needs using high energy proton.

Multi particle option (XP) : Proton, deuteron and alpha beams integrated into the same platform

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Choose with confidence

Complete solution for your radioisotope production

Thanks to the 70 MeV proton, two important PET generators parents can be produced, namely 82Sr & 68Ge.
The Cyclone® 70 can also produce 123I.
Select the isotope you want to produce and find out which equipment you need.

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Will Sharupa Zevacor

Will Skarupa

Executive Director Facilities & Services, Zevacor Molecular

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Will Sharupa Zevacor

Will Skarupa

Executive Director Facilities & Services, Zevacor Molecular

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Férid Haddad

Férid Haddad

Professor at Nantes University, GIP ARRONAX Director

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Dr Alexander Khasin

CEO of the Centre for Development of Nuclear Medicine

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Your Project. From A to Z.

Integralab®’s team of multidisciplinary experts help you integrate the multiple processes and highly sophisticated equipment to reach cost effective and performing solution. Ensuring a faster time to market and a fully optimized GMP radiopharmacy.

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  • From Business plan to design

    IBA supports you from your business plan to the facility layout fully compliant with GMP standards

  • Equipment integration

    The team of experts will help you manage the selection, installation, process and qualification of all equipment needed for you radiopharmaceutical production. 

  • Process validation for a GMP production

    IBA supports you generating all the documentation required to achieve regulatery and GMP compliants; GMP master documentation & validation,... 

  • Maximize your Uptime

    IBA develops services tailored to each configuration and training programs to increase performance and operator efficiency. 




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