Cyclone® 70

Industrial High energy cyclotron allowing you to produce a wide range of radioisotopes, including 68Ge, 123I and 82Sr.

Highly efficient and reliable

Optimized vacuum to ensure efficient acceleration and low running costs, while maintaining maximum uptime thanks to the IBA design of RF system and modular power supplies.

Dual Beam Extraction

Energy range from 30 to 70 MeV gives you the flexibility to produce a wide range of radioisotopes, including 68Ge, 123I and 82Sr.

Proven expertise

IBA is the only company able to provide a high level of expertise and success with the installation and operation of six 70 Mev cyclotrons.


Thanks to the 70 MeV proton, two important PET generators parents can be produced, namely 82Sr & 68Ge. The Cyclone® 70 can also produce 123I.



  • Férid Haddad

    Professor at Nantes University, GIP ARRONAX Director

    We have the first Cyclone® 70 (and only -XP) and we are using all its capabilities on a regular basis since 2010: isotope production using protons (strontium-82 production for use in cardiac imaging through Sr82/Rb82 generator), deuterons (copper-64 production for PET imaging in oncology) and alpha particles (astatine-211 for alpha targeted therapy), irradiation in a dedicated experimental hall for physics, radiolysis, radiobiology. With our Cyclone® 70, stable beams are available from pA up to hundreds of µA which makes it a versatile tool for both research and production. All together, we are running around 4000h per year, all year long. This has allowed us to develop our own expertise on the machine and we know that we can count on IBA experts when needed.

  • Dr Alexander Khasin

    CEO of the Centre for Development of Nuclear Medicine

    IBA was selected for its leading technology and unrivalled know-how in developing high energy 70 MeV cyclotrons. We can rely on IBA’s expertise to reach our objective to supply the world with medical isotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of critical illnesses.

  • Will Skarupa

    Executive Director Facilities & Services, Zevacor Molecular

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