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Cyclone® KIUBE

Up to 300 FDG doses

8 exit ports

Up to 300µA on target

Twin proton

Compact design

2 Custom Energy exit ports

Infinite Flexibility

<p>Upgradable like no other cyclotron, so you can increase your capacity step-by-step; from 100 μA to 150μA, 180 μA and even up to 300μA on target.</p>

Outstanding Performances

<p>Generate more than 30 Ci of <sup>18</sup>F- with a&nbsp;2-hour dual beam run.</p>

Maximize Your Uptime

<p>Maximum reliability in operation thanks to its unique twin-proton sources.</p>

Max potential, max capacity

Cyclone® KIUBE is a fixed-energy cyclotron that accelerates negative ions up to 18 MeV:

  • Upgradable like no other cyclotron

  • Compact design to fit into any cyclotron vault. Self Shielding option

  • Custom Energy option for different fixed exit energy values between 13 and 18 MeV

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Upgradable like no other

Increase your capacity step by step; from 100 µA to 150µA, 180 µA and even up to 300µA on target. With a lower initial investment, you can start with the Cyclone® KIUBE 100 while maintaining the ability to increase your PET Center’s capacity over time.

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Choose your energy to optimize your production

The Cyclone® KIUBE is the only fixed energy cyclotron where the exit energy can be adapted (13, 14 or 15 MeV) to maximize the radioisotope production at high purity for higher non-standard radioisotopes production levels.


Choose your energy to optimize your production

Complete solution
for your radioisotope production

IBA provides comprehensive solutions to produce the widest range of PET radioisotopes for Neurology, Cardiology and Oncology imaging. See all the isotope applications.

Select the isotope you want to produce and find out which equipment you need.

























After 10 years of excellent experiences with Cyclone® 18/9, we have now installed the new Cyclone® KIUBE. Outstanding! All well thought engineering details made the operation unprecedentedly easy, reliable and maintenance fast and safer, lowering exposure doses. And most of all, with the VE (variable energy) upgrade and liquid target technology for radiometals production, the Cyclone® KIUBE leads us to a new world, widening our radioisotope production beyond our best dreams! 

Francisco Alves

Francisco Alves

Chief physicist & head of Cyclotron, ICNAS, Portugal

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Francisco Alves

Francisco Alves

Chief physicist & head of Cyclotron, ICNAS, Portugal

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Erik van Lier

Erik van Lier

Managing Director, BV cyclotron VU, Netherlands

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Dr. Kamalidehghan

Dr. Kamalidehghan

Cyclotron Radiopharmaceuticals Production Manager, Pars Isotopes

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Your Project. From A to Z.

IntegraLab®’s team of multidisciplinary experts offers you a portfolio of solutions to ensure a fast, smooth and risk-free set up of your fully optimized GMP radiopharmacy.

  • From Business plan to design

    IBA supports you from your business plan to the facility layout fully compliant with GMP standards.

  • Equipment integration

    The team of experts will help you manage the selection, installation, process and qualification of all equipment needed for you radiopharmaceutical production. 

  • Process validation for a GMP production

    IBA supports you generating all the documentation required to achieve regulatory and GMP compliance; GMP master documentation & validation, FDG Market authorization,... 

  • Maximize your Uptime

    IBA develops services tailored to each configuration and training programs to increase performance and operator efficiency. 


Your Business First

The CareProgram provides continuous support in furthering your skills and applications, boosting your uptime and maximizing the return on your investment with all the latest innovations, services and training.

Maximized Uptime
24/7 Support
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