Cyclone® KIUBE

Обладает самой высокой производственной мощностью когда-либо достигнутой циклотроном для ПЭТ

Безграничная универсальность в применении

Подходит для модернизации и апгрейда больше, чем любой другой циклотрон, позволяя постепенно наращивать производственную мощность: от 100 мкА до 150 мкА, 180 мкА и даже до 300 мкА на мишень.

Высочайшая производительность

Генерирует более 30 Ки 18F- за 2-часовой цикл в режиме двойного пучка.

Максимальное время безотказной работы

Максимальная надежность в эксплуатации благодаря уникальным источникам с опцией двойного протонного пучка.

Подходит для апгрейда больше, чем любой другой циклотрон

Вы можете начать с Cyclone® KIUBE 100, который не требует значительных начальных инвестиций, а затем наращивать энергию постепенно: от 100 мкА до 150 мкА, 180 мкА и даже до 300 мкА на мишень. Возможность увеличения производительности ПЭТ-центра сохраняется с течением времени.


Скачать брошюру

Комплексное решение

IBA предлагает комплексные решения для производства самого широкого спектра радиоактивных изотопов для ПЭТ, применяемых в неврологии, кардиологии и онкологии.

Выберите изотоп, который вы хотите производить, и посмотрите, какое оборудование вам потребуется.

Отзывы пользователей

  • Dr. Kamalidehghan

    Cyclotron Radiopharmaceuticals Production Manager, Pars Isotopes

    My experience with IBA is actually very good because we have been working with the IBA cyclotron 30MeV since 25 years and now we just commissioned the new Cyclone® KIUBE 18 MeV in our site and we are very happy to work with IBA. 180 µA, we could reach on the conical 16. Within 2 hours we could get 16 Ci of F-18 witch was promised.

  • Erik van Lier

    Managing Director, BV cyclotron VU, Netherlands

    We have been using IBA cyclotrons since 1997. The cyclotrons demonstrate market leading reliability and the customer support we receive from IBA is excellent. It was therefore an obvious choice to purchase two new Cyclone® KIUBE cyclotrons, 180μA and 300μA, considering their outstanding performance and technology.

  • Lars Perk - Cyclone KIUBE IBA

    Dr. ir. Lars Perk

    Director, Radboud Translational Medicine, The Netherlands

    I am happy to share our experience with our new IBA Cyclone® KIUBE cyclotron, which we've been using for almost a year now. The performance has been excellent. The reliability and efficiency of the cyclotron have significantly enhanced our operations, allowing us to meet our daily 18F demand with ease.

    As someone who has returned to the IBA family, I couldn't be happier with our decision. The support offered by IBA has once again proven invaluable to our work. The seamless integration of the Cyclone® KIUBE cyclotron into our facility has been a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that IBA is renowned for.

    In conclusion, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of this journey with IBA and look forward to continued success and collaboration in the future.

  • Francisco Alves

    Chief physicist & head of Cyclotron, ICNAS, Portugal

    After 10 years of excellent experiences with Cyclone® 18/9, we have now installed the new Cyclone® KIUBE. Outstanding! All well thought engineering details made the operation unprecedentedly easy, reliable and maintenance fast and safer, lowering exposure doses. And most of all, with the VE (variable energy) upgrade and liquid target technology for radiometals production, the Cyclone® KIUBE leads us to a new world, widening our radioisotope production beyond our best dreams! 

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