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Развивайте свой проект

<p><span><span><span>В рамках сотрудничества IBA будет поддерживать вас на&nbsp;протяжении всего процесса: от&nbsp;нашей первой встречи и&nbsp;проектирования до&nbsp;монтажа и&nbsp;производства.</span></span></span></p>

Добейтесь максимальной производительности

<p><span><span><span>Когда ваше новое производственное предприятие запущено, IBA продолжит предлагать вам поддержку и опыт, чтобы оптимизировать время безотказной работы и увеличить до макисмума рентабельность инвестиций.</span></span></span></p>

Постройте свое будущее

<p><span lang="FR-BE"><span><span>В рамках сотрудничества мы поможем вам </span></span></span><span><span><span>с уверенностью смотреть в</span></span></span><span lang="FR-BE"><span><span> будущее и предложим оптимизированные решения для повышения эффективности и производительности, которые позволят вам производить новые радиоизотопы и радиофармпрепараты.</span></span></span></p>

Project Conception 01

  • Business plan

    • Define the radiopharmaceuticals production scope
    • Build your business plan
    • Supporting investment/financing, via our network of financial partners
  • GMP facility design

    • Customized and optimized facility layout, compliant with GMP standards
    • Facility architectural design and engineering services
    • Integration of radiopharmaceutical laboratories requirements
  • Safety

    • Risk Analysis
    • Monte Carlo shielding simulation report
    • Radiation monitoring and radiation protection equipment
  • Environmental impact

    • Support for radioactive waste management strategy
    • Decommissioning guidelines

Equipment integration 02

Production solutions for PET & SPECT

  • High capacity cyclotron and targetry system, chemistry equipment, quality control equipment, hotcell & dispensing system environmental monitoring, radiation monitoring, small laboratory equipment,...

Process Equipment

  • User requirements for specific radiopharmaceutical processes premises and equipment.
  • Supply of production and quality control equipment for Pharmacopeial testing.

Project Management

  • One Single point of contact for the project.
  • Set-up your PET center in time and on Budget.

Equipment Qualification

  • Installation qualification (IQ).
  • Operational Qualification (OQ).
  • Performance Qualification (PQ).

Process Validation 03

GMP documentation

  • Framework covering all the GMP activities on site from sourcing up to the release of the final product
  • Associated set of standard GMP template or customized documents
  • Support to build GMP quality risk management document

Process Validation 

  • QC Method validations
  • Production Process validation including aseptic filling validation
  • Cleaning validation

FDG Market Authorization (MA)

  • Marketing authorization template
  • Additional consultancy to customize or to complete the MA dossier


  • Technical support from IBA experts in GMP and/or regulatory affairs
  • Process validation support

Maximize your production uptime 04

Highest production capacity equipment

  • Set-up your PET center on time and on budget
  • One single point of contact

IBA Academy comprehensive training program

  • For equipment operation and maintenance, quality control, quality assurance, ...
  • At IBA centers or at your site

Specialist advice

  • Regulatory affairs changes
  • Changes to GMP guidance
  • Impact assessment of changing technology
  • Delivery of new tracers and automated production systems to cover your R&D needs

Maintenance services

  • Technical support 24/7
  • Online access to spare parts services
  • System upgrades
Antero Abrunhosa

Antero Abrunhosa

Director at ICNAS, University of Coimbra

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Antero Abrunhosa

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