IBA Cyclone®

High capacity
cyclotron solutions

IBA is the world leader for the supply of PET & SPECT cyclotrons from 18 Mev to 70 MeV for radiopharmaceuticals production.

Based on more than 30 years of expertise, IBA has always developed innovative features for the production of tracers in more than 260 cyclotrons installed and supported across 5 continents.

IBA offers high performance cyclotrons with a very high level of reliability for FDG production as well as a wide range of radiotracers.

IBA’s expertise lies in the high-quality technology but also in the experience in the establishment of radiopharmacies.

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Cyclone® KIUBE

Max potential, Max capacity

Cyclone® KIUBE is a fixed-energy cyclotron that accelerates negative ions up to 18 MeV and that hosts two proton sources

Designed to deliver, Cyclone® KIUBE offers the highest production capacity ever reached with a PET cyclotron. It will be able to produce up to 300 FDG doses in a 2-hour run.

Designed for ever, Cyclone® KIUBE is upgradable like no other cyclotron, so you can increase your production capacity. A full range of Nirta® targets are available giving you access to 18F, 13N, 15O, 11C (CO2 & CH4), 18F2, 68Ga,...

Designed for you, Cyclone® KIUBE is also available with a self-shielding option.

IBA Cyclone Kiube

Upgradable like no other

Cyclone® KIUBE is upgradable like no other cyclotron, so you can increase your capacity step-by-step; from 100 μA to 150μA, 180 μA and even up to 300μA on target.

The most flexible system

With eight exits ports, Cyclone® KIUBE is the most flexible system, producing the widest range of PET radioisotopes.
A full range of Nirta® targets are available giving you access to 18F, 13N, 15O, 11C (CO2 & CH4), 18F2, 68Ga, ...
In addition, IBA provides Nirta®Solid target technology for the production of radioisotopes such as 64Cu, 89Zr, 124I, 99mTc...

The most performant cyclotron

Cyclone®KIUBE offers unmatched production capacity for an internal source PET cyclotron. A 2-hour dual beam run could generate up to 30 Ci of 18F-; hence, an incredible batch of FDG synthesized on your
Synthera®+ modules.

Unmatched reliability

Cyclone®KIUBE’s design includes redundancy for the main systems (ion sources, strippers, targets, vacuum pumps,...). The software self-tests prior to production and automatically audits after maintenance, allowing maximized uptime. The choice of low activation material combined to the optimization of maintenance tasks ensure the lowest radiation exposure for your staff.

Compact design

IBA experts designed the world’s most optimized (c)GMP PET center with a footprint of less than 100m².

Thanks to its compact design, this cyclotron can fit into any existing cyclotron vault

A self- monitoring cyclotron that maximizes your uptime

With a control system in several languages, IBA makes the Cyclone® KIUBE globally accessible. It is also very userfriendly, meaning it is easier to train and rotate the staff that operate the system.

Cyclone® 30

Because expertise
shouldn’t be an option

Cyclone® 30 is a variable-energy cyclotron that accelerates protons from 15 to 30 MeV & capable to deliver dual proton beam.
With nearly 30 operating units worldwide, IBA is the leader in high energy cyclotrons. This demonstrates the very high reliability and the validity of the simple and robust design.
Cyclone® 30 XP is capable of delivering proton, deuteron and alpha beams.

Cyclone® 30
  • High flexibility

    Adapted to your production needs

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  • Large scale production

    SPECT and PET compounds

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  • Integrated solution

    Comprehensive range for your PET & SPECT production

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Cyclone® 70

Multiparticule high energy
industrial cyclotron

The Cyclone® 70 XP accelerates negative and positive ions up to 70 MeV. This cyclotron is capable of delivering single or dual proton beam at variable energy (30 to 70 MeV), single or dual deuteron beam at variable energy (15-35 MeV) and alpha beam at 70 MeV.
A proton only version Cyclone® 70 P is also available.

Cyclone® 70
  • Zevacor
  • Proven design

    Acceleration of 70MeV protons and alpha

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  • Maximized safety

    Minimal Exposure

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  • Minimal running costs

    Limited production staff and power requirements

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Zephiros® control system is a user-friendly software that controls the cyclotron

  • Boost your productivity and save time thanks to the automated standard operating procedure
  • The software also performs self-testing prior to production and automatic auditing after maintenance for a maximized uptime.


The right tool to enlarge
cyclotron possibilities

external beam transport line

Vectio® is an external transport beam line that is installed on the IBA Cyclone® 30 and Cyclone® 70. The Vectio® Beam Line can also be installed on the Cyclone® KIUBE. It is the tool of choice for high power solid target station or R&D development with particle beam.


The major PET and SPECT radio- isotopes manufacturer have chosen the Vectio® beam line for their applications.

  • High performances

    On high power solid target for Tl/Ga as well as high power Xe/123I gas target

  • Ability to increase

    Your research and development capacity for the development of new tracers

  • Available in 2 lengths

    Adapted to your production needs

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