Better, Smarter, Stronger.

Synthera®+ is a fully automated synthesizer which performs radiopharmaceutical production.

Synthera®+ employs a single-use disposable cassette, the IFP™ (Integrated Fluidic Processor) and a set of commercially available reagents for the synthesis of a wide variety of compounds: 18FDG, Na18F, 18FLT, 18FMISO, 18FCholine, 68Ga-peptides, Neuraceq™ and many others developed in-house and shared by users on the web-based platform: IBA-Library of compounds.

Synthera®+ is an accessory-based platform which can be adapted to your current and future production needs. It is the smallest synthesizer on the market and fits into any hot cell. It offers multi-run capability with the loader and automatic ejection system, high yield, the highest uptime as well as reduced maintenance, Synthera®+ is the most cost-effective radiochemistry module.

Library of compounds

Synthera smarter


With 3 Synthesizers in one hotcell equipped with the IFP loader, you can perform up to 12 radiosyntheses without opening the shielded environment. This allows multiple consecutive productions per day of different radiopharmaceuticals with ZERO radiation exposure to the operator. The Synthera®+ can be installed in any existing hotcell.

The multiple syntheses of multiple tracers is enabled due to IBA exclusive technologies: the unique and patented cassette automatic ejection* after the completion of each run and the loader system**.

*Synthera® itself, with disposable kit : EP1343533, US8287819, JP4293304, EP1877175, US7235216
**Patent application EP3308852A1


Synthera®+ is an accessory based platform allowing you to start from basic setup and to add functionalities to continuously meet the demands of the future with:

  1. The unique IFP loader** for multiple runs of multiple molecules without opening the hotcell
  2. The fixed IFP* for simpler and more cost effective developments
  3. The Synthera®HPLC for more complex purification
  4. The Synthera® Extension for extra functionalities with additional valves and a syringe driver

*coming soon, **Patent application EP3308852A1


The Synthera®+ has all its electronics outside the hot cell ensuring higher resistance to radiation exposure, which leads to increased uptime and reduced maintenance.

The Synthera®+ was designed to work together with the high capacity Cyclone® KIUBE (2x15 Ci of 18F in dual beam) for your 18FDG production.

HighMOR® for 123I & 124I

The only commercially
proven system

HighMOR® is an automated module for thermochromatographic separation of radionuclides of iodine from tellurium oxide targets irradiated on Nirta® Solid target.
The final solution is the form of iodide solution([124I]-NaI) that can be further used for labelling.
HighMOR® can simply be operated with a teletong (teleplier) in a standard hot cell.