The Role of Specific PET PSMA imaging and SBRT in the Management of Prostate Cancer

In this webinar, the speakers will highlight the synergy between highly sensitive imaging, the definition of an intermediate stage between non-disseminated tumor and widespread metastatic disease (oligometastatic state) and high-precision radiation therapy (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy - SBRT) focused to treat the oligometastatic lesions.

What will you learn from the webinar ?

  • Impact of PSMA PET on management of patients with oligometastatic prostate cancer - By Dr. Jeremie Calais

Dr. Calais will cover the concept of oligometastatic disease in prostate cancer patients and the impact of PSMA PET imaging on the therapy management of those patients.

  • The Role of SBRT in the treatment of oligometastatic prostate cancer: Why & how SBRT for these patients - By Dr. Stefan Körber

Dr. Körber will describe how the oligometastatic status of prostate cancer patients is defined on the basis of PSMA PET/CT and which strategies and modalities are applied for SBRT treatment of these patients

  • Quality assurance for SBRT treatments - By Dr. Kai Schubert

The extremely high precision of SBRT requires an extensive program of Quality Assurance, both for the treatment machines as for the patient-specific treatment plans. Dr. Schubert will explain current strategies and future developments in this field.