Every year, IBA offers a scientific award for the best paper or abstract published in a scientific journal, proceedings of a conference using and mentioning IBA equipment including cyclotron, targetry and/or chemistry.

Congratulations to Dr. Valentin Bonvin for his paper on «Detailed study of the distribution of activation inside the magnet coils of a compact PET cyclotron»
Abstract: We determined the distribution of activation products inside the magnet coils of a medical cyclotron that has been operational for fifteen years. Besides FLUKA, we based our approach on new software tools (RAW and ActiWiz) developed for high-energy accelerators at CERN. A combined analysis of measurements on the coils with Monte-Carlo simulations resulted in a detailed three-dimensional radiological characterisation of the coils. Our results provide the required information for the radiation protection expert to identify the appropriate waste elimination scheme.

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