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From new radiochemistry developments to clinical routine applications

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 6:19

<p>Following up from last webinar, Vitor Alves from ICNAS at the University of Coimbra will describe the routine site activities and his long-standing experience in developing new processes with the Synthera®+ platform and IBA radiochemist experts will share the most recent developments on Synthera®+ platform including new [18F]FDOPA process, [18F]FES and [18F]Fapi-74.</p>
Noémie Emmanuel Ph.D. Continuous flow organic chemistry, Master degree’s Chemistry from University of Liège, at IBA since 2021
David Goblet Ph.D. Radiochemistry, Master degree in Medicinal and Phamarceutical Chemistry, from the University of Liège at IBA since 2014
Author and co-author of several publications in the field of radiochemistry
R&D Scientist at Cyclotron Research Center, experience at the ISSEP
Vítor Alves R&D radiochemist at ICNAS, Coimbra/PT and head of maintenance.
He has been at ICNAS since 2012
Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Coimbra on Production and Purification of Radiometals Produced on Liquid Targets

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