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High technology, Smooth process

<p>Simplified design for&nbsp;simplified&nbsp;installation, operation and&nbsp;maintenance.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Small footprint

<p>Thanks to its&nbsp;compact size, the overall facility footprint is significantly compressed (80 m²) reducing your initial investment.&nbsp;</p>

Impressive performances

<p>Cyclone<sup>®</sup> KEY could generate up to 30 FDG doses in a 2-hour&nbsp;run.</p>

F-18 Access Granted

The Cyclone® KEY is a compact and fully automated proton acceleration cyclotron up to 9,2 Mev enabling a simple yet efficient multiple isotopes production. It has one of the smallest footprints of all clinical cyclotrons to enable easy installation and operation.

  • A combination of up to 3 targets :18F, NH3 and 11C gas.
  • Simplified design for simplified maintenance & operation.
  • Fully integrated solution
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cyclone KEY, F-18 production, FDG


Cyclone® KEY

Cyclone® KEY, F-18 access granted


Discover the Cyclone® KEY with IBA experts


Unveiling of the Cyclone® KEY at Arab Health


Cyclone® KEY launch event : Dubai

Complete solution
for your radioisotope production

IBA provides comprehensive solutions to produce the widest range of PET radioisotopes for Neurology, Cardiology and Oncology imaging. See all the isotope applications.

Select the isotope you want to produce and find out which equipment you need.








Your Project. From A to Z.

IBA's team of experts in (c)GMP radiopharmacy setting-up have managed to minimize the size of it down to 80 m² making PET technology affordable and accessible.

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  • Build

    Thanks to the complete design documents provided by IBA, you can build your GMP radiopharmacy.

  • Equipment integration

    The team of experts will help you manage the selection, installation, process and qualification of all equipment needed for your radiopharmaceutical production.

  • Train and Validate

    IBA can support you through the validation phase to achieve regulatory and GMP compliance.

    IBA can also provide training for all the staff working in the radiopharmacy.

  • Operate

    IBA will work with you and help you to reach the highest uptime and productivity, enabling you to produce new radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.