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Evolve With Your needs

CARE ProgramThe CareProgram includes a complete portfolio of solutions to install, optimize, support and maintain your equipment. And because your production needs and technology changes quickly, IBA has developed both upgrade packages tailored to your configuration and training programs to increase performance and operator efficiency.

Well trained people maximize your potential

<p>At IBA, we know that well trained people maximize production potential. This is why we created the IBA Academy.<span>&nbsp;</span>It is a comprehensive training program to help you enlarge your knowledge base, optimize your expertise, and increase uptime and productivity.</p> <h3>IBA CENTER</h3> <ul class="check-list"> <li>Real live hands-on training</li> <li>Multi-competences</li> <li>Customized and progressive</li> </ul> <h3>YOUR SITE</h3> <ul class="check-list"> <li>Involve all your staff</li> <li>Use your system configuration</li> <li>Be embedded in your local context</li> </ul> <h3>INTERNSHIP</h3> <ul class="check-list"> <li>Join a radiopharma team</li> <li>Live routine or R&amp;D work</li> <li>Be part of a scientific community</li> <li>Acquire GMP experience</li> </ul>

IBA Technical Helpdesk :

+32 2 507 20 83

I found the training well organized and incredibly valuable. All of the facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and prepared to answer any questions. They are undoubtedly experts in their fields. I am immediately able to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned into our cyclotron management and servicing.

Paul McLean

Cyclotron Engineer, Isologic Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals (ISOLOGIC)

Easy access and fast spare parts delivery

<h3>FAST WORLDWIDE DELIVERY</h3> <p>With spare parts inventory in America, Asia and Europe,<span>&nbsp; </span>your request is handled immediately, providing fast and emergency delivery all around the world, whenever you need it.</p> <h3>IBA STORE - Never closed, never been closer</h3> <p>IBA Store enables you to order online all spare parts related to your cyclotron.<span>&nbsp;</span></p> <ul class="check-list"> <li><span>&nbsp;</span>Direct access to IBA stock availability</li> <li><span>&nbsp;</span>Rush orders are managed directly with personal communication</li> <li><span>&nbsp;</span>Orders are processed immediately and shipment tracking is available</li> <li>&nbsp;<span lang="EN-US"><span>Spare parts lists interfaced directly related to your equipments&nbsp;configuration </span></span></li> </ul>

IBA Technical Helpdesk :

+32 2 507 20 83

As a first time user I found the IBA Store very easy and straightforward, especially since the proper components were included in the Recommended Spare Parts List. I think it's very well done.

Markus Nyman

University of Helsinki Laboratory of Radiochemistry

Further together to maximize your uptime

<h3>PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE</h3> <p>Our preventive maintenance are performed by IBA engineers to help you get the highest performance and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime resulting in improved reliability, greater productivity and reduced risk of personnel injury.</p> <h3>24/7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT</h3> <p>Our highly experienced field engineers provide technical phone support available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. <span><span>In addition, a remote control connection to your equipment is possible in order to save precious time.</span></span></p>

IBA Technical Helpdesk :

+32 2 507 20 83

Our long relationship with IBA (more than 20 years) allow us to maintain our two cyclotrons in good shape. Thanks to our maintenance contract and 24/7 technical support, we can maximize the utilization of our machine. During the COVID-19 situation, IBA team, despite the worldwide situation, proved again their commitment to stand with us and support us in a crisis situation, as much as they can. Thank you to the all people involved.

Prof. Eyal Mishani

Head of Cyclotron/Radiochemistry Unit, Hadassah Medical Organization

IBA system upgrades

<h3>INCREASED PRODUCTION CAPACITY</h3> <p>Because your production needs and technology never stands still, IBA developed upgrades package tailored to your configuration.</p> <p>We follow the latest technology and evolving customer needs. We offer improvements that lead to increased performance, productivity and reliability, such as a new generation of control systems and high current performance.</p> <h3>MORE VALUE FOR YOUR FUTURE</h3> <p>Thanks to evolutive production tools such as Cyclone® cyclotrons and the Synthera® chemistry module, you will be able to produce new isotopes &amp; compounds coming on the market.</p> Ask for your brochure

IBA Technical Helpdesk :

+32 2 507 20 83

IBA produced the very first Cyclone® 18/9 for us in 1990 and it is still operational today. We are still very happy with its performance. Thanks to multiple upgrades, we can match the quality and performance of current machines.

Dean Jolly

Manager Cyclotron facility, McGill University

IBA Users Meetings

<p>IBA organizes biennial users meetings involving all PET customers all around the world. Our experience shows that gathering people together encourages creativity and helps IBA to develop priorities jointly with customers.</p> <ul class="check-list"> <li>Share experiences about operation and new developments</li> <li>Learn with the round table and workshops</li> <li>Exchange on future trends</li> </ul> Visite the event website

IBA Technical Helpdesk :

+32 2 507 20 83

I think it’s a good opportunity to share all the information and collect a lot of experience that the other have. Hopefully I‘ve got a lot of information I can share with my colleagues, with my boss. I found a lot of way to reach our goals with other techniques of the people who have had experience with the machine

Dr. Kamalidehghan

Cyclotron Radiopharmaceuticals Production Manager, Pars Isotope

IBA Awards

<p>Every year, IBA offers a scientific award for the best paper or abstract published in a scientific journal, proceedings of a conference using and mentioning IBA equipment including cyclotron, targetry and/or chemistry.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div><a class="btn-line js-modal-btn" href="/contact-us" title="Participate"><span>&nbsp;</span>Participate</a></div> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h3>CYCLOTRON &amp; TARGETRY DEVELOPMENT</h3> <p>Cyclotron, beam lines, control, solid target, preparation, methods, gas target development, home-made target development on IBA cyclotron, specific activity improvement, liquid target, rinse, line material, radioprotection-related issues</p> <h3>CHEMISTRY</h3> <p>Mainly using Synthera® module including papers with synthesis of new tracers, non-proprietary tracers, yields comparisons, improved synthesis yields, new methods etc…<br /> &nbsp;</p> See all publication

IBA Technical Helpdesk :

+32 2 507 20 83