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WEBINAR: the Role of Tumor-Specific PET imaging and SBRT in the Management of Prostate Cancer!

IBA invites you to attend a free webinar presented by 3 leading personalities in Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics: Dr Jeremie Calais, PD Dr. med. Stefan Körber and Dr. Kai Schubert.  In this webinar, the speakers will highlight the synergy between highly sensitive imaging, the definition of an intermediate stage between non-disseminated tumor and widespread metastatic disease (oligometastatic state) and high-precision radiation therapy (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy - SBRT) focused to treat the oligometastatic lesions. When? April 26th, 5-6 pm CET  REGISTER What will you learn from the webinar ?  •      Impact of PSMA PET on management of patients with oligo metastatic prostate cancer By Dr. Jeremie Calais, Director of the Clinical Research Program of the Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics Division at UCLA.  Dr Calais will cover the concept of oligometastatic disease in prostate cancer patients and the impact of PSMA PET imaging on the therapy management of those patients.   •    The Role of SBRT in the treatment of oligometastatic prostate cancer: Why & how SBRT for these patients By PD Dr. med. Stefan Körber,  First Senior Medical Doctor at Clinic for Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy at University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany Dr. Körber will describe how the oligometastatic status of prostate cancer patients is defined on the basis of PSMA PET/CT and which strategies and modalities are applied for SBRT treatment of these patients    •    Quality assurance for SBRT treatments By Dr. Kai Schubert, Medical Physicist at Clinic for Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy at University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany. The extremely high precision of SBRT requires an extensive program of Quality Assurance, both for the treatment machines as for the patient-specific treatment plans. Dr. Schubert will explain current strategies and future developments in this field.  REGISTER  
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IBA Reports Full Year 2020 Results

RESILIENT PERFORMANCE ACROSS BUSINESS LINES GOOD ORDER INTAKE AND RECORD BACKLOG POSITIVE REBIT AND BOTTOM LINE STRONG BALANCE SHEET WITH EUR 65 MILLION NET CASH AT YEAR END Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 25 March 2021 - IBA (Ion Beam Applications SA), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer, today announces its consolidated annual results for the 2020 financial year.   Olivier Legrain, Chief Executive Officer of IBA commented: “I am very proud of IBA’s good performance and resilience in what has been a challenging year globally. Our long-term strategy aims to build upon our solid business foundation to create sustainable growth and profitability, delivering the very best offering and services to our customers, whilst being a responsible corporate citizen. Our roadmap to achieve this across all four of our business lines is clear: capitalize on our market leading position globally, invest for strategic impact and deliver operational execution. “A key strategic growth market for us is Asia, particularly China, and we were pleased to sign two significant proton therapy deals in the region in the second half of 2020, as well as a strategic partnership with CGNNT in China. We also delivered strong sales in this region for our Industrial, RadioPharma and Dosimetry businesses. This momentum has continued in 2021, with IBA being selected for the supply of a new Proteus®PLUS solution in China. “Our pipeline continues to be encouraging and overall, order intake across all business units remains buoyant. This, coupled with our growing recurring revenues in Services and Dosimetry, provides us with confidence for the future. I am grateful for the incredible work of the IBA team over the past year, as well as the continued support of our customers. With a healthy balance sheet and the long-term potential for market development across all four of our businesses, we enter 2021 in a confident position.” Financial summary ▪ Total order intake of EUR 112 million for Proton Therapy and Other Accelerators (excluding CGNNT contract) and EUR 54 million for Dosimetry ▪ Total 2020 Group revenues of EUR 312 million, up 10.4%, strongly boosted by the strategic licensing deal with CGN Nuclear Technology Application Co Ltd (CGNNT) ▪ Strong growth in Proton Therapy Services for the third consecutive year, up 7.2% from 2019 ▪ Equipment and Services backlog conversion delayed due to effects of pandemic but remains at all time high of EUR 1.1 billion ▪ Significant increase to full year REBIT, with a profit of EUR 40.4 million (2019: EUR 0.1 million) ▪ Total Group net profit of EUR 31.9 million (2019: EUR 7.6 million) ▪ Very strong balance sheet with EUR 151.3 million gross cash (2019: EUR 46 million) and EUR 65.2 million net cash position (2019: net debt of EUR -21.3 million), with all bank covenants met at year-end ▪ Total direct COVID-19 impact for 2020 estimated to be around EUR 15 million ▪ The Board of Directors will recommend to the annual general assembly the distribution of a total dividend of EUR 0.2 per share, in line with the transition to a new dividend policy Business summary ▪ Proteus®PLUS* licensing deal with Chinese partner CGNNT worth minimum of EUR 100 million announced during the year, with EUR 63.5 million revenues recognized in 2020 ▪ Four-room contract for a Proteus®PLUS Proton Therapy Solution announced in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China ▪ Contract signed with the National Cancer Center (NCC) Korea for a Proteus®ONE* solution, following a competitive tender process. NCC is already an IBA customer, having previously purchased a three-room Proteus®PLUS solution ▪ Strong order intake for Other Accelerators with 17 systems sold, of which 12 were signed in the second half ▪ Resilient performance of Dosimetry with a strong order intake in the year to date, up 10% from 2019 ▪ Strong cost control measures still in place, partially offsetting COVID-19 related impact, whilst allowing for strategic investments in R&D ▪ Board strengthened with appointment of Ms. Christine Dubus and Dr Richard Hausmann as Non-Executive Directors Post-period highlights ▪ In January, IBA was selected for the supply of a multi-room Proteus®PLUS solution in China, with contract negotiations ongoing ▪ In February, IBA received the third payment related to the CGNNT contract, for EUR 20 million, bringing total cash received to date on this contract to EUR 70 million ▪ In March, IBA received the first down payment on the NCC Korea contract signed in December 2020.
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IBA and NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Expand Collaboration to Enable Global Availability of Diagnostic Radioisotope Technetium-99m (Tc-99m)

− Technetium-99m is the daughter isotope of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) − Collaboration enables integrating technology expertise to provide Tc-99m Generation Systems (TCM Generation Systems) that utilize non-uranium based Mo-99 produced using electron beam accelerators − Diagnostic imaging studies using Tc-99m inform healthcare decisions for approximately 30 million patients annually around the world   Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, and BELOIT, Wis., USA March 8, 2021 – IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A., EURONEXT), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer, and  NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC, a global innovator in the development, production and commercialization of radiopharmaceuticals used for medical imaging and therapeutic applications, today announced a collaboration to increase global availability of technetium-99m (Tc-99m), the most widely used medical radioisotope. The collaboration enables companies outside of the United States to access the Tc-99m Generation Systems (TCM Generation Systems) that utilize NorthStar’s proprietary non-uranium based Mo-99 produced using IBA’s accelerators and beamlines.   The collaboration builds on an existing contract under which IBA is providing NorthStar with up to eight Rhodotron® TT 300-HE electron beam accelerators. They will be used for the production of non-uranium based Mo-99, which enables NorthStar’s FDA-approved and commercially available RadioGenix® System (technetium Tc 99m generator) to produce Tc-99m in the United States. NorthStar’s Accelerator Production facility expansion is nearing completion in Beloit, Wisconsin, with the first pair of IBA accelerators due to arrive from Belgium in early April 2021.  “Every year approximately 30 million patients benefit from diagnostic imaging studies using Tc-99m,” said Stephen Merrick, President and Chief Executive Officer of NorthStar. “NorthStar is delighted to expand its collaboration with IBA, as we view them to be an ideal partner to grow the use of non-uranium based Mo-99 to support a sustainable and innovative future for nuclear medicine. Based on their commercial expertise and tailored approach, we believe IBA complements NorthStar’s global vision of delivering innovative solutions that can address critical patient healthcare needs related to medical diagnosis. We are proud to lead the field of nuclear medicine as the only commercialized producer of Mo-99 in the United States, having provided more than two years of stable U.S. commercial production to date. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with IBA and are confident that this joint approach has the potential to make non-uranium Mo-99 the leading worldwide source of Tc-99m.” Olivier Legrain, Chief Executive Officer of IBA, commented, “We are pleased to enter into this expanded collaboration for TCM Generation Systems with NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes to enable more companies to access this vital healthcare diagnostic tool. IBA’s Rhodotron® accelerators provide the most advanced accelerator technology in the world, and we look forward to working with NorthStar in applying innovative solutions to enable reliable radioisotope supply on a global basis and exploring additional productive opportunities in the future.” NorthStar’s Accelerator Production facility expansion in Beloit, Wisconsin,will ensure sustainable domestic Mo-99 supply for the United States through dual production and processing hubs for additional capacity and scheduling flexibility. Pending appropriate licensure and approval, the facility will augment current Mo-99 processing in Columbia, Missouri, conducted in partnership with the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR®).
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О нас

Опираясь на 35-летний опыт, IBA RadioPharma Solutions помогает центрам ядерной медицины проектировать, строить и эксплуатировать отделения ПЭТ для производства радиофармпрепаратов, используемых для диагностики и лечения рака и других критических заболеваний.

IBA будут работать с вами и поддерживать в течение всего процесса — на первой встрече, при проектировании, монтаже и введении в эксплуатацию. Более того, эксперты IBA будут сопровождать вас на протяжении всего срока службы радиофармацевтического оборудования: проводить обучение, выполнять необходимые обновления и техническое обслуживание, чтобы обеспечить успех вашего проекта в соответствии с принципами устойчивого развития.

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