At211Astatine 211

Astatine-211 is a radioisotope used in in targeted alpha therapy. It has a half-life of 7,2 hours. 211At is mainly used for treatment of cancer.

To produce Astatine 211,
we recommend this production route:

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    Cyclone® 30 XP

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    211At is produced with a cyclotron using alpha beam at 30 MeV

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    Nirta® Solid target 30 MeV

    209Bi (nat-Bismuth) is irradiated  in the solid target creating 209Bi(α,3n)211At nuclear reaction.

    IBA provides only the irradiation station equipment.


    Thermodistillation module

    Irradiated target is place in the module and 211At is extracted  via thermodistillation.