13N-Ammonia total solution for cardiac PET imaging

Full independence

AKURACY® enables cardiac imaging centers to achieve full independence from external radiotracer suppliers by providing on-demand, in-house production capabilities.


The diagnostic process is a better experience for patients than the conventional imaging process, as the patient workflow is faster and much less radiation exposure (max. 2 mSv).

Ease of use

The entire process is controlled by high-level software with an intuitive interface that can be operated by qualified personnel. From tracer production to dose availability, on demand and tailored to your schedule.

Low opex

Fully automated production results in higher daily patient throughput, reducing your operating expenses and saving your time.

A total solution for every aspect of PET myocardial perfusion imaging

Imagine you could give your patients a faster, more precise diagnosis of their cardiac condition. Suppose you could use advanced PET imaging to identify coronary artery disease with greater accuracy. And capitalize on 13N-NH3-based PET imaging to make the whole diagnostic process more patient-friendly. Think of all the advantages... rapid throughput, lower radiation burden and a wealth of clinical information.

IBA makes this possible. We draw on our vast experience developing and integrating versatile cyclotrons into total solutions like Akuracy® to enrich every single step of the cardiac PET diagnostic process: from setting up the cyclotron at your imaging facility and producing the 13N-Ammonia (13N-NH3) tracer to training your people in typical daily use and maintenance.

  • Klaas Pieter Koopmans

    Nuclear Cardiologist, The Netherlands

    The AKURACY® will provide imagers with all the benefits of 13N-NH3 cardiac PET imaging in  a very simple easy to use complete package. This will increase the accessibility of cardiac PET for general use.