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Live Webinar - Cardiac PET Imaging: What's new and how to start?

As our healthcare systems is constantly looking for more value medicine, the use of cardiac PET is rapidly expanding and becoming one of the pillar for cardiac imaging. Cardiac PET has been widely adopted because it provides : high diagnostic accuracy and it is safe, efficient and patient-centered. IBA invites you to attend a free webinar presented by 2 leading figures of Nuclear Medicine: Dr. Terrence Ruddy and Dr Parthiban Arumugam. When? November 12th, 3 - 4 pm CET (9-10 am EST) Register here What will you learn from the webinar ? Cardiac PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in 2020    Dr Ruddy will start with the basic of PET Cardiac imaging versus other modalities and share the recent advances in the field including the last results of the ISCHEMIA trial and coming CMS AUC (Appropriate User criteria) and its potential impact in the field. Dr. Terrence Ruddy, FRCPC,FACC is the Director of Nuclear Cardiology at University of Ottawa Heart Institute and a Professor of Medicine and Radiology at the University of Ottawa.    How to implement a Cardiac PET Program in your site?  Dr Arumugam will share his expertise on how to plan and implement a PET Cardiac Imaging Program covering resources (cost of equipment, tracers and staffing requirements) and supporting guidelines from national and international societies and also additional information that perfusion PET can offer over and above SPECT for a more precise diagnosis. Dr Parthiban Arumugam is a Consultant Nuclear Medicine Physician at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom Society. Register here
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Watch the webinar THeranostics 2020

Webinar: THERANOSTICS AND PET IMAGING DIAGNOSTICS - Watch the recording and read additional Q&A

Thank you Dr. Lisa Bodei and Prof. Michael Hofman for their instructive presentations about Theranostics and PET Imaging Diagnostics. Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recordings In addition to all questions answered at the end of this webinar, here are a few remaining ones, which Prof Hofman kindly answered: •    What´s your opinion about the cost-effectiveness of 177-Lu-PSMA compared with others options?  There is regional variation. Interestingly, in low- and lower-middle-income countries, Lu-PSMA is also widely adopted and made available to patients. In these countries where there is a fee-for-service infrastructure, Lu-PSMA is preferred by many as a cheaper option to expensive pharmaceuticals. This generally uses Lu-177-PSMA-I&T made in hospital radiopharmacies. For the USA / Europe, it is a more complex question. Lu-PSMA-PSMA-617 is approved for purchase from Novartis in a single country - Switzerland, and the cost upwards of 20,000 swiss francs per dose. We do not have yet pricing elsewhere. This will needs FDA and EMA approval first. So it is a complex landscape, but when you take into account the efficacy and toxicity of Lu-PSMA compared to other treatments, I am confident it will be a cost effective treatment. •    What about non prostate related PSMA uptake in other benign or neoplastic process? There is a range of non-prostate uptake. We have written a nice Radiographic review article on this (see below).
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Synthera® +


Cyclone® KIUBE


IntegraLab ONE


IntegraLab PLUS



IBA Synthera +

IBA Synthera +

Synthera®+ remains the most compact module on the market: up to 3 synthesizers can fit into a standard hot cell. Synthera®+ and Synthera®+ HPLC have both been fully redesigned to meet the most demanding production schedule of different radiotracers without opening the hot cell (less intervention, more safety). Synthera®+ can be equipped with the automatic IFP Loader (disposable production cassette dispenser) which can stack up to 4 cassettes. This allows it to perform consecutive runs of different compounds without opening the hot cell, resulting in nearly zero radiation exposure to the operator. This unique feature multiplies the capability of each module by a factor of four.


IBA is launching a new cyclotron for its 35th anniversary.

Users Meeting 2019 - Krasnoyarsk

Users Meeting 2019 - Krasnoyarsk

IBA organizes biennial users meetings involving all PET customers all around the world. Our experience shows that gathering people together encourages creativity and helps IBA to develop priorities jointly with customers.


IBA integralab presentation - short version

INTEGRALAB®PLUS is a fully integrated solution, combining equipment and services for establishing a radiopharmaceutical GMP production centre tailored to your precise needs. Our approach is truly comprehensive, taking your project from building design through to ongoing production with full regulatory compliance and the selection, integration, installation and qualification of equipment that meets your radioisotope production goals