Rigging of the Cyclone® 70 at the Institute of Basic Science in Korea

When a 140 tons cyclotron has to be placed into its vault, it is always impressive ! It requires precision expertise and a close attention to every details. The IBA Cyclone® 70 MeV Cyclotron was successfully rigged by part before being reassembled in the vault of the Institute of Basic Science in Korea. It is now time to celebrate and congratulate all the people involved in this important project's milestone.


About the project

The Institute of Basic Science (IBS) is constructing equipment and facilities for the Rare isotope Accelerator complex for ON-line experiments (RAON). RAON is a large basic science research facility built around a heavy-ion accelerator. When completed, it will be a key pillar of the International Science and Business Belt (ISBB). This will be an optimal facility to produce and study new rare isotopes, so the global scientific community is closely following its progress.

The Cyclone®70 will be one of the drivers of the RAON facility. Scientists have discovered approximately 3,000 isotopes to date, but they believe an additional 7,000 isotopes have yet to be discovered, presenting unlimited potential for rare isotope science. When the operation of RAON begins, new research opportunities will open up in various areas, such as research into the origin of elements, discovery of new rare isotopes and the study of their structure, and applied research in material and biomedical sciences.