Continuous support
to stay ahead of time

The CAREprogram provides continuous support in furthering your skills and applications, boosting your uptime and maximizing the return on your investment with all the latest innovations, services and training.

The CAREprogram includes a complete portfolio of solutions to install, optimize, support and maintain your equipment. And because technology changes quickly, IBA has developed both upgrade packages tailored to your configuration and training programs to increase performance and operator efficiency.

The IBA CAREprogram will increase your potential.

IBA TECHNICAL HELPDESK : +32 2 507 20 83

expert project

Set up your GMP/cGMP center on time and on Budget

Acquiring a cyclotron is only the first step of a complex project. Running a fully functional radiopharmacy capability requires all components and auxiliary equipment to be integrated into a consistent and efficient solution. To achieve this, you require the world-leading support and expertise that only IBA can provide.


Project management

  • 1
  • 2
    Equipment procurement of supplies
  • 3
    Building requirements survey
  • 4
    Cyclotron & hotcells rigging
  • 5
    Hotcells cyclotron & radiation monitoring system installation
  • 6
    QC & Chemistry installation
  • 7
    Cyclotron subsystems start-up
  • 8
    Cyclotron & Chemistry testing
  • 9
    Hotcells radiation monitoring system and QC hot testing
  • 10
    Final acceptance
  • 11
    Training programs
  • 12
    GMP Process qualification and validation

Technical support

Further together to
maximize your uptime

Achieving customer satisfaction is our primary objective. For this purpose, we offer continuing service programs that deliver enhanced support throughout the life of your equipment.
Select one of our pre-defined service level agreements that is aligned with your support philosophy or a customized package tailored to your specific needs

Customer Voice

  • It's really fantastic, the excellent service of IBA is very important. I have never regretted my former decision to buy a cyclotron of IBA.

    Jochen Knust Universitätsklinikum Essen, Germany Cyclone® 18/9 since 1999 and with a full coverage contract

Technical support

  • Preventive maintenance

    Improved reliability, greater productivity

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  • Technical support

    24/7 Help desk

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  • Uptime record

    Further together

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IBA Academy

From Talent
To Expertise

Well trained people maximize your potential

At IBA, we know that well trained people maximize production potential. This is why we created the IBA Academy. It is a comprehensive training program to help you enlarge your knowledge base, optimize your expertise, and increase uptime and productivity.

Iba Academy
  • IBA Centers

    • - Real live hands-on training
    • - Access to regional centers
    • - Multi-competences
    • - Customized and progressive
  • Your Site

    • - Involve all your staff
    • - Use your system configuration
    • - Be embedded in your local context
  • Internship

    • - Join a radiopharma team
    • - Live routine or R&D work
    • - Be part of a scientific community
    • - Acquire GMP experience


Customer Voice

  • Our hands-on training was very efficient in realizing the full operation possibilities of this versatile cyclotron in a short time; but it also allowed us to customize our maintenance needs according to the utilization scenario.

    Dr. Uwe Holzwarth Scientific Officer, Commissione Comunità Europee C.C.R., Italy

Spare Parts

easy access and
fast delivery

Building parts inventory on shelves and a global distribution network will always remain one of IBA’s key priorities.

IBA StoreNever closed, never been closer

IBA Store enables you to order online all spare parts related to your cyclotron. Not only will you save time when ordering your spare parts, you will also receive all the information needed for them to be delivered quickly.

  • Direct access to IBA stock availability on 3 continents
  • Rush orders are managed directly with personal communication
  • Information about spare parts news and innovations
  • Orders are processed immediately and shipment tracking is available

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Spare parts are located close to your system, with inventory in America, Asia and Europe. This structure enables "3 time zones" to handle your request immediately and provide fast and emergency delivery all around the world, whenever you need it.

IBA is a global organization with local support, for more flexibility and proximity to customers.


Choosing your recommended set of tools will enable you to save time, by having them at hand helping you to maximize the uptime of your cyclotron.

Customer Voice

  • Dear friends at IBA, I would like to thank all personnel involved for their input in returning our RF system to an operational state. The information provided and the fast response (including a new LLRF rack) were exceptional. Thank you again. Keep up the great work!

    ANSTO Team Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Menai, Australia Cyclone® 30 since 1990


Continuous Improvement

Increased production capacity

Because technology never stands still, IBA developed upgrades package tailored to your configuration.
We follow the latest technology and evolving customer needs. We offer improvements that lead to increased performance, productivity and reliability, such as a new generation of control systems and high current performance.

More value for your future

Thanks to evolutive production tools such as Cyclone® cyclotrons and the Synthera® chemistry module, you will be able to produce new compounds coming on the market.
The IntegraLab® team of experts will help you to qualify your facility for the production of new molecules, allowing you to stay ahead of time.


Customer Voice

  • Since the installation of our IBA cyclotron, the first Cyclone 18/9, we have enjoyed outstanding support from IBA. Over the years, several upgrades were implemented on our site which have allowed our accelerator to maintain an uptime of better than 95% while operating under demanding research and clinical conditions

    Jean-Paul Soucy, MD, M.Sc. Director, PET Unit McConnell Brain Imaging Centre Montreal Neurological Institute 3801, University Street, Montreal, QC Canada

Users Meeting

Be part of the
experts community

IBA organizes biennial users meetings involving all PET customers all around the world. Our experience shows that gathering people together encourages creativity and helps IBA to develop priorities jointly with customers.

Exchange on future trends

It is a real opportunity for you to exchange opinions and share experiences about operation and new developments in the cyclotrons, targetry and chemistry fields.

The Get-Together of the community

Biennial workshops represent the get-together of the community.

Users meeting gallery

    • Users Meeting - 2017
    • Users Meeting Bern - 2015
    • PET Users Meeting - 2013
    • Synthera Users Meeting - 2013
    • PET Users Meeting - 2011, Coimbra
    • Synthera Users Meeting - 2011, Coimbra
    • Synthera Users Meeting - 2010, Vienna
    • PET Users Meeting - 2009, Istanbul
    • PET Users Meeting - 2007, Seville
    • PET Users Meeting - 2005, Montreal
    • PET Users Meeting - 2002, Milan
    • PET Users Meeting - 2001, Amsterdam
    • PET Users Meeting - 1998, Leuven
    • PET Users Meeting - 1996, Rossendorf

Customer Voice

  • I know of no other company who would have the courage to open themselves up to their customers as IBA does at its User Meetings. This in turn engenders a high degree of loyalty from users such as myself who prize information access above everything. This is one of the reasons why I recommend your products.

    Roger Price PhD MACPSEM Head, Department of Medical Technology & Physics and RAPID PET Laboratories Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital  Adj. Prof., School of Physics, Univ. of WA Perth, Western AUSTRALIA