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Liquid targets 01

For an optimal production of 18F and 68Ga

High power for low enriched water consumption

  • Lowest enriched water consumption on the market
  • Wide range of volumes available: your production capacity will always match your needs (up to 4Ci/ml in 2 hour-run)
  • Quick and low dose maintenance: less parts and orings

Unique solution for 68Ga production on liquid target

The unique and under patent application (EP 15170854) solution for production of 68Ga (for human) use has many advantages :

  • No long-lived 68Ge (271 days) in the final dose
  • Simple & cost-effective GMP in-house use or for distribution production similar to the 18F process

Gas targets 02

For the production of carbon and oxygen radioisotopes

Gas irradiation system for the production of [15O]O2 or [15O]CO, [11C]CH4 or [11C]CO2.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Simple and rapid process for high activity output

Solid targets 03

Complete solutions for the production of novel radioisotopes adapted to your needs

Solid targets are irradiation systems used for the production of nonconventional radioisotopes such as:
64Cu, 89Zr, 99mTc, 124I, 123I and many others.

  • Nirta® Solid target (20- 40µA) is a compact sytem for small production needs or research.
  • Nirta® Plus Solid target (40- 75µA) is a slanted target for medium scale production.
  • Nirta® High Power Solid target (90-400µA) is designed for large batch production. This high-end technology allows automatic back and forth transfer of the target capsule, without any access required to the bunker.

Beam Lines 04

Enlarge your cyclotron possibilities

Vectio® is an external beam transport line that is installed on high energy cyclotron and that can be installed on the Cyclone® KIUBE. It is the tool of choice for high power solid target station or R&D development with particle beam.

The Nirta® Solid target is the main instrument for our research program on novel radioisotopes for theranostics. It is a high performance and user friendly device whose flexibility allowed us to develop a new kind of “coin” target to irradiate enriched materials in form of compressed powder. We have already successfully produced a large variety of non conventional radionuclides as Sc-43, Sc-44, Ga-68, Cu-61, Cu-64, Er-155.

Prof. Dr. Saverio Braccini

Professor at the University of Bern

Other success stories

Prof. Dr. Saverio Braccini

Professor at the University of Bern

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Francisco Alves

Dr. Francisco Alves

Chief Physicist & Head of Cyclotron, ICNAS - Univeristy of Coimbra

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