Nirta® Target technology

Complete target range
for your extended needs

IBA offers you a complete solution in terms of target technology for PET and SPECT production.

Nirta® Targets have been designed to allow easy installation and maintenance. Their operation is fully automated and monitored by the cyclotron control system.

Nirta® Fluor conical target

Lowest enriched
water consumption

The new Nirta® Fluor conical target offers the highest beam current while using the smallest amount of enriched water of the market.

Nirta® Fluor conical target
  • Better productivity

    With higher chemistry yield on Synthera FDG (>65%)

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  • Lower operating cost

    Minimal use of enriched water

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  • New design

    For better performances

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Nirta® 68 Ga liquid target

Unique solution
for Ga-68 production

The unique and under patent application (EP 15170854) solution for production of Ga-68 for human use. Simple & cost effective GMP in-house use or for distribution production similar to the F-18 process

Nirta® 68Ga liquid target
  • Seamless automation on the Synthera® platform

  • No long-lived Ge-68 (271 days) in the final dose

  • Production every hour depending on patient schedule

Nirta® Solid compact

Opens the world
to novel radioisotopes

Nirta® Solid is a compact irradiation system for the production of non- conventional radioisotopes (64Cu, 89Zr, 99mTc, 124I, 123I, 66Ga, 67Ga, 111In, 86Y).

Nirta® Solid compact

Case statements

  • Multi-run

    Up to 3 target disks pre-loaded for consecutive irradiations

  • Highest yield

    Efficient cooling

  • Ready to plug

    Directly on your cyclotron or using a beam line