(c)GMP Radiopharmacy

From project
to reality

IntegraLab® is a fully integrated solution combining equipment and services for the establishment of Your (c)GMP radiopharmaceutical production centers.

Based on 30 years of expertise, IBA offers a global solution from the definition of your radiopharmaceutical production needs to the operation of your radiopharmacy, the IntegraLab® team provides full support for a cost-effective solution.


Easy GMP
Easy FDG

IntegraLab® ONE is the real ready-to-run integrated radiopharmacy. It has been designed to ensure a fast, smooth and risk-free set up of your (c)GMP radiopharmacy.

This PET center has a foot print of less than 100m² (1,071 ft²) and allows a very high production of 18F for FDG and 68Ga.

The optimized solution includes every device and service needed to build your radiopharmacy in the best conditions. IntegraLab® ONE includes the optimized facility layout, the whole production equipment selection, qualification and validation as well as the staff training and the maintenance.

YOUR READy-to-run radiopharmacy


(C)GMP Pet Center
Adapted to your needs

In addition to high-quality technology, IBA offers an evolutive and innovative product range with new targets for developing new molecules.

IntegraLab® PLUS includes among others, the building design achieving full regulatory compliance and the selection, integration, supply and installation of suitable equipment to match with your radioisotopes production goals.

Integralab Plus


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    From business plan to design

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    Selection, process and qualification

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    For a (c)GMP production

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