What an impressive rigging of the Cyclone® KIUBE at the University of Coimbra!

Thanks to its compact design, the Cyclone® KIUBE entered through the door of the existing vault! This technical exploit can be achieved only by IBA.
In order to enter into this limited space, the cyclotron was separated in two parts for the rigging in the radiopharmacy and then through the door of the vault. Both pieces were then reassembled in the vault. The Cyclone® KIUBE is now in place next to its Cyclone®18/9 big brother. This is the first Custom Energy Cyclone® KIUBE. 
The Custom Energy feature will allow users to irradiate the target directly at a fixed energy level between 13 and 18 MeV, without using a degrader, while keeping other exit ports at the optimal energy level of 18MeV for 18F production. The result is more current on the target, and therefore more production at the optimal energy level. Additionally, several consecutive production runs can be performed with different energy levels.
Congratulations for this high precision rigging!