Watch the webinar : "The role of PET imaging in Immuno-oncology"

Immunotherapy has shown promising outcomes in multiple cancer types and is considered a breakthrough technology when it comes to anti-cancer therapies within cancer care strategies. Despite the prolonged clinical response achieved, response rate are low and variable. For this reason, the use of biomarkers or more effectively,  in vivo imaging biomarkers, like PET probes, has a great potential to improve response evaluation in patients receiving immunotherapy.
What will you learn from the webinar ?
  • ImmunoPET for imaging immune responses - 18F labeled agents 
By Dr. Jelena Levi, R&D Director at Cellsight Technologies.
Dr Levi will cover the use of 18F-labeled PET probes to non-invasively  assess immune response early in a patient's immunotherapy regimen providing  clinicians basis for more informed decisions
  • ImmunoPET: Engineered antibodies for imaging immune responses
By Dr. Anna Wu, Professor & Chair at Molecular Imaging & Therapy and Co-Director at the Center for Theranostics Studies, City of Hope.
Dr Wu will focus on the use of modified/re-engineered antibodies to visualize immune reponses, with the potential to help clinicians  to decide the best immunotherapy treatment and possible combinations.

Watch the webinar here