Vocational Training for Tribal Students in India

As a part of IBA’s sustainability programme, IBA decided to support 20 Students for Para Medical and Non-Paramedical courses at Muni Seva Ashram Sanchalit Vocational Training Centre. The Vocational Training aims to unfold the capabilities of tribal students by providing adequate education as well as to integrate them with main stream of society, thereby bringing Social justice and Prosperity.
Do you want to sponsor a student? http://www.greenashram.org/education/vocational-training-center
About the Vocational Training Centre
“One of India's biggest challenge as well as potential advantage is its growing young population. The average age of Indian population will be only 29 years by 2020 and India proposes to produce 500 million skilled workers in this timeframe. Skill development through vocational training is perceived as a major tool to prepare the Indian workforce for paying jobs. Our government has already started many initiatives through its various plans for skill development and livelihood opportunities for people in rural areas and priority is given where job disappears because of poor monsoons.
Muni Seva Ashram’s Vocational Training Centre is yet another example of Public-Private-Partnership with Government of Gujarat for upliftment of Tribal population. Tribal children after passing high school are provided 4-6 months of vocational training at the residential vocational training centre at MSA. Government provides 50% of the Rs. 26,390 cost per trainee while MSA covering the rest through the donor support. Under this partnership, our 1st batch was launched in July, 2011 for laboratory assistance course and since then, the centre has trained more than 1200 tribal students mainly in healthcare such as Dialysis, OT, Laboratory, pharmacy and Bed Side Assistant. These modular courses are of 3-6 months duration. As a part of "Save the girl child" and "woman empowerment" initiatives, 80% of our students are girls.”