A new Zr-89 solution installed at Yokohama

The Cyclone® 18 [18MeV cyclotron] installed at JFE site, Suehiro-cho Tsurumi-ku Yokohama in Kanagawa (Japan) is now operational for radioisotope production. Aside from its routine FDG production, the radiopharmacy plans to become the principal source of Zirconium-89 (89Zr ) in Japan. The 89Zr should be commercially available in September 2018.

The site includes a complete 89Zr production system (solid target, transfer system and chemistry module).

 Why produce 89Zr?   

89Zr has appropriate decay characteristics for high resolution Immuno-PET imaging (long half-life 78.1 hours and low positron range). Its long half-life also allows optimal centralized distribution logistics.
In addition, 89Zr is not expensive to produce because it uses naturally abundant 89Y- target material and most importantly, its production process is amenable to a GMP environment.

The production of 89Zr, based on the 89Y(p,n)89Zr reaction, only requires a natural 89Y-foil as target material. This foil is then placed onto a platinium disk compatible with the IBA Nirta® solid target. The target material is then irradiated and is automatically transferred to a hot cell housing the IBA Pinctada® Metal system. Subsequently, the irradiated target material is dissolved and post-processed (separation/purification).
After purification, the purified radioisotope is obtained in the form of  [89Zr]ZrC2O4 (Zirconium oxalate) that can be readily used for further labelling on the Synthera® platform.  

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