Muni Seva Ashram, a state-of-the-art cancer facility providing free care to the most needy in total harmony with nature, culture and human values

IBA is proud to support Muni Seva Ashram (MSA), a great example of dedication to the community welfare. Its main activities are education (day care, schools, nursing college,…), sustainable development (solar panel, biogas, …) and healthcare.
MSA set up two state of the art hospitals to provide medical care to the population. One provides general medical care and the other one focuses on oncology and nuclear medicine. Both hospitals charge a token amount for care, which is fully subsidized by MSA if patients cannot afford it, thereby providing 100% free care to the most needy.
Muni Seva’s mission:
"To serve, strengthen and sustain the wellbeing of the less fortunates without any discrimination and build organisational resilience through agriculture, health, education, welfare programmes and alternative energy by deploying most appropriate technologies in total harmony with nature, culture and human values"
IBA is really proud to be part of the project with the installation of a Cyclone®18. The building of the new radiopharmacy is currently under construction
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