The last Cyclone®18 left IBA assembly hall

With the introduction of the Cyclone® KIUBE in 2016, the Cyclone®18 has been discontinued and the very last unit left IBA factory last December.
With almost 200 units installed worldwide, an uptime of 98,6%1 and a customer satisfaction over 90%1, the Cyclone®18 has an impressive track record!

After the introduction of the Cyclone®18 in 1989, IBA kept on innovating to provide cutting edge solutions to its customers. The proof? the first Cyclone®18 is still performing today at McGill university, after 28 years of production!
“IBA produced the very first Cyclone 18/9 for us in 1990 and it is still operational today. We are still very happy with its performance. Thanks to multiple upgrades, we can match the quality and performance of current machines.” - Dean Jolly, Manager Cyclotron facility at McGill University
Of course, IBA will continue to support and strengthen the availability of technical expertise, spare parts and upgrades.
With the Cyclone® KIUBE as the worthy successor to the Cyclone® 18, IBA delivers the most performant and reliable cyclotron of the market!
1. Result of the Cyclotron customer satisfaction survey 2017