At ISRS, IBA launches the Fixed IFP™ to enhance Synthera®+ development capabilities

IBA RadioPharma Solutions is presenting the new Fixed IFP™ cassette that allows Synthera®+ to be the only synthesizer compatible with both a disposable and non-disposable cassette systems.

Dresden, Germany, May 14th 2017 - IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A., EURONEXT), the world’s leading provider of solutions for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, today launches the Fixed IFPTM cassette, the new accessory that can be installed on Synthera+, at the 22nd International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences held in Dresden, Germany.

The Fixed IFP™ system is an optional Synthera®+ accessory which will be soon available for pilot tests. New radiotracers can be developed with the Fixed IFP™ system and, once the synthesis is well established, the IFP™ disposable cassette should be utilized for routine productions. The Fixed IFP™ increases Synthera®+ development capabilities at reduced cost and in less time since the development is performed on the Fixed IFP™ system with a direct translation to the IFP™ disposable cassette.

Neva Lazarova, Head of radiochemistry Solutions at IBA RadioPharma Solutions, commented: “There is minimal installation required for the Fixed IFP™ system. Users can switch back and forth between the IFP™ disposable cassette and the Fixed IFP™. Users can easily convert the Synthera®+ from a cassette-based to a non-cassette-based platform. In this way, new radiotracer development is facilitated by eliminating the cost of the disposable cassette and by streamlining the translation from development to routine applications.”

Bruno Scutnaire, President at IBA Radiopharma Solutions, commented: “ Synthera®+ is an accessory based platform allowing our users to start from basic setup and to add functionalities to continuously meet the demands of the future with the unique IFP™ Loader, the Synthera®+ HPLC, the Synthera®+ extension and now the fixed IFP™ for cheaper and simpler development.”

IBA RadioPharma Solutions will be showcasing the new Synthera®+ family at booth #23 during the ISRS congress. For more information about IBA’s new Synthera®+, see: