IBA presents two major breakthroughs at EANM annual meeting - Preview

IBA presents two major breakthroughs at EANM annual meeting

• The next-generation of Synthera®+ chemistry modules
• New Cyclone® KIUBE demonstrates highest PET cyclotron production capacity ever reached
Barcelona, Spain, October 16th, 2016 - IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A., EURONEXT), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy and radiopharmacy solutions, today launched the fully redesigned Synthera® radiochemistry module, and announced performances never reached before on a PET cyclotron with the new Cyclone® KIUBE, at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) annual meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

Max Potential, Max Capacity with Cyclone® KIUBE
Compact and extremely powerful, Cyclone® KIUBE has been quickly established as the cyclotron of choice after its launch in June this year. Today, through its continuous innovation program, IBA announces the highest production capacity ever reached with a PET cyclotron.
“With the Cyclone® KIUBE, the radiopharmacies will be able to produce up to 300 FDG doses in a 2-hour run (fluorodeoxyglucose is the most used radiotracer in molecular imaging) which is in line with the market trend for higher production in one run, or faster production time for the same quantity,” said Bruno Scutnaire, President of IBA RadioPharma Solutions. “The beam current of Cyclone® KIUBE can reach up to 300 μA, leading to greater capacity for shorter runs and to increased profitability.”
Cyclone® KIUBE* is a true evolutionary cyclotron. Its production capacity can be increased to reach 30 Ci (1110 GBq) of 18F- in a two-hour run. With a lower initial investment, hospitals will benefit from Cyclone® KIUBE’s unique features while maintaining the ability to increase capacity over time.
Cyclone® KIUBE produces the widest range of PET radioisotopes and covers all needs of PET radiopharmacies. Its capacity can reach higher beam on solid target system for optimization of various promising radioisotope production on a PET cyclotron such as 89Zr, 64Cu, 99mTc….

Synthera®+, Better, Smarter, Stronger
The Synthera® platform has been on the market for over ten years with more than 500 units installed worldwide. Synthera®+ remains the most compact module on the market: up to 3 synthesizers can fit into a standard hot cell. Synthera®+ and Synthera®+ HPLC have both been fully redesigned to meet the most demanding production schedule of different radiotracers without opening the hot cell (less intervention, more safety). IBA continues to push the technology boundaries to support customers who constantly have to conquer new challenges.
“Synthera®+ can be equipped with the automatic IFP Loader* (disposable production cassette dispenser) which can stack up to 4 cassettes,” explains Neva Lazarova, Head of IBA Radiochemistry Solutions. “This allows it to perform consecutive runs of different compounds without opening the hot cell, resulting in nearly zero radiation exposure to the operator. This unique feature multiplies the capability of each module by a factor of four.”
IBA RadioPharma Solutions will be showcasing Cyclone® KIUBE and the new Synthera+ family at booth #44 during the EANM congress. For more information about IBA’s new cyclotron, see: http://iba-cycloneoftechnology.com

* Under patent application from IBA EP16193281