Coimbra, Portugal, August 27th 2018 - IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A., EURONEXT), the world’s leading provider of solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, announces a new unique feature on its Cyclone® KIUBE cyclotron, THE CUSTOM ENERGY that will optimize the production of radioisotopes with high purity.

“With eight exit ports, the Cyclone® KIUBE is the most flexible system, producing the widest range of PET radioisotopes. Today, IBA cyclotron experts are adding even more flexibility, allowing users to define multiple and fixed proton energy at its extraction port(s) automatically and without complex moving parts,” said Benoit Nactergal, R&D director at IBA Radiopharma Solutions.

“Some new isotopes such as Gallium-68 [68Ga], Zirconium-89 [ 89Zr], Iodine-123 [ 123I] require a lower energy irradiation for the highest purity and patient protection,” said Bruno Scutnaire, President of IBA RadioPharma Solutions. “For example, it has been demonstrated that optimum energy for the production of 68Ga is around 13 MeV for the highest yield and the lowest co-production of impurities.”

Standard fixed-energy cyclotrons require a degrader foil system that limits the current on the target, dissipates heat and modifies the beam size. The IBA-patented custom energy Cyclone® KIUBE will allow users to irradiate the target directly at a fixed energy level between 13 and 18 MeV, without using a degrader, while keeping other exit ports at the optimal energy level of 18MeV for 18F production. This results in more current on the target, and therefore more production at the optimal energy level. Additionally, several consecutive production runs can be performed with different energy levels.

“Cyclone® KIUBE users will obtain higher production of 68Ga in a salt-solution target by using a higher proton beam current, since the degrader losses are removed from the system,” said Samy Bertrand, product manager at IBA radioPharma Solutions, “They will also reach higher production levels of 89Zr by irradiating at higher current and by using the optimal energy level with IBA’s high current solid target .”

The first Custom Energy Cyclone® KIUBE will be installed at the Institute for Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health in Coimbra (ICNAS), Portugal, by the end of the year, as part of a collaborative research project between IBA and the University of Coimbra.

IBA RadioPharma Solutions will be presenting this new feature at the 17th International Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry (WTTC17) hosted by ICNAS from 27-31 August 2018.