The first custom energy Cyclone KIUBE® will be soon installed at ICNAS

This week, IBA was honored to receive the visit of the rector of the University of Coimbra, Prof. João Gabriel Silva accompanied by Prof. Antero Abrunhosa, director of ICNAS and Prof. Francisco Alves, head of Cyclotron at ICNAS.
This visit aimed to finalize the collaborative research project between IBA and the University of Coimbra which includes the installation of the first custom energy Cyclone® KIUBE.
The IBA-patented custom energy Cyclone® KIUBE is the only cyclotron to produce at different fixed exit energy values tailored for highest amount of radioisotope production at high purity, without the power limitation of a degrader foil.
Some  new  isotopes  such  as  Gallium-68 [68Ga],  Zirconium-89 [89Zr],  Iodine-123 [123I]  require  a  lower  energy  irradiation  for  the  highest  purity  and  patient protection. For example, it has been demonstrated that optimum energy for the production of 68Ga is around 13 MeV for the highest yield and the lowest co-production of impurities.
The custom energy Cyclone® KIUBE will optimize the production of novel radioisotopes with high purity.