Dr Levi and Dr Wu answer your questions about PET imaging in Immuno-oncology

Read the additionnal Q&A following the webinar about PET imaging in Immuno-oncology:

How do see the role of PET-CT in the workflow of the patient going  through immunotherapy?
There are several different applications for PET in immunotherapy. Here are the major ones:
  • to stratify/select patients (before the start of therapy)
  • to evaluate therapy response (before and after therapy, observing the change in signal that would indicate activation/proliferation of T  cells)
  • to evaluate off target toxicity (during treatment, observing the signal in off target (non-tumor) tissue)
 - Dr Levi

Can you comment on the impact of the non-label Ab activity on the imaging?
In the Phase I study, with increasing protein dose (addition of non-labeled Ab), we found that higher amounts resulted in prolonged blood circulation, although signals in lymphoid tissues (spleen, lymph nodes, bone marrow) remained strong.
 Details of the first six patients in the dose-escalation study are available in the recent publication by Pandit-Taskar et al., J. Nucl. Med, online first.  doi:10.2967/jnumed.119.229781

-  Dr Wu