The Cyclone®70 is ready to be shipped at Arizona Isotopes Science Research Corp. (AZI)

AZI has signed the Factory Acceptance of its Cyclone® 70P. The project is on schedule for its installation in Bunker Hill, Indiana early in 2020. The cyclotron produces a 70 MeV proton beam at 750µA and will be dedicated to the production of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosing and treating critical illnesses worldwide.
AZI, one of Indiana's newest health companies will soon be receiving this state of the art machine that will be devoted to developing and producing isotopes necessary for diagnosing and treating cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening medical conditions. This Cyclone® 70 cyclotron will enable AZI to meet the currently unfilled growing need for these radiopharmaceuticals in the United States. AZI has begun implementing its goals by purchasing a Cyclone® 70P to generate Strontium-82 (Sr-82). AZI is also working with universities and organizations elsewhere to support research into the development and use of other radionuclides to address additional medical needs.