The Cyclone® KIUBE was rigged at GOSUN Hunan Cyclotron Medical Science Co., Ltd. in China.

The first Cyclone® KIUBE in China was rigged in Hunan. The Radiopharmacy will be dedicated to the production of F-18 compounds using Synthera®+ and a Synthera®+ HPLC platforms. The radiopharmacy should be ready for production in April 2019.
At this stage, the GOSUN group owns four radiopharmaceutical production plants: Guangdong, Hunan, Chengdu and Kunming. Besides the Cyclone® KIUBE in Hunan, a Cyclone®18 is currently running in Guangdong. GOSUN runs a R&D center based in Guangdong, GOSUN plans to cooperate closely with IBA in the development of new radiopharmaceuticals.