Congratulation to Daniele Alloni and Michele Prata for their award on the best scientific paper on IBA cyclotron

Every year, IBA offers a scientific award for the best paper or abstract published in a scientific journal, proceedings of a conference using IBA equipment including cyclotron, targetry and/or chemistry.
Daniele Alloni (on the right) and Michele Prata (on the Left) from the University of Pavia and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Pavia, Italy) won the IBA cyclotron award 2017 for their paper "Characterization of the secondary neutron field generated by a compact PET cyclotron with MCNP6 and experimental measurements". Read the paper
Abstract: The production of the most common used PET radioisotope Fluorine-18 with commercial cyclotrons is obtained from the 18O(p,n)18F nuclear reaction when 18O-enriched water is bombarded with a proton beam. We present the characterization of the secondary neutron field spectra produced by this reaction in different locations around the cyclotron, through a comparison between MCNP6 Monte Carlo simulation results and experimental data obtained with Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) of thin target foils of different materials.
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