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IBA is launching a new cyclotron for its 35th anniversary

Monday, April 26, 2021 - 11:42

<p>This year, IBA celebrates its 35th anniversary.</p> <p>35 years of an incredible journey that began in the 1980s and that would change the lives of thousands of cancer patients. And mine too, of course! Because believe me, if the engineer I was at the time had been able to see all that has been achieved to date, he would never have believed it! And by the way, in terms of groundbreaking technology, there is a lot more to come soon! But that’s another story…</p> <p>For now, let’s go back to this journey and how it all started when I designed the first IBA Cyclotron : the Cyclone. My objective was to increase cyclotrons energetic efficiency by a factor 15: three times less electrical consumption for five times more beam power. Something nobody believed would be possible at the time! But the first prototype was a great success which led to the birth of Ion Beam Applications: IBA, allowing us to make the diagnosis of cancer and other critical diseases accessible for many patients around the world through PET and SPECT imaging. While also pioneering the advancement of protontherapy with 100.000 patients treated worldwide to this day. You could say that saving people’s life is my life’s work. Something we’re particularly proud of here at IBA !</p> <p>Yet, we are not surgeons. Nor doctors. But we are here for the patients. They do not see us, but we do. Since more than 35 years. But the birthdays that really matter are those of people who were saved by IBA’s technology. Birthdays they can continue to celebrate. Because we know that every year that is taken away from the disease counts for three. So, long life to all cancer patients and long life to IBA!</p> <p>But our innovation story doesn’t stop here. We are beaming proud to announce the arrival of a new cyclone, fresh from our Beam Factory! The culmination of 35 years of experience and groundbreaking research.</p> <p>Get ready to be amazed…</p> <p>Yves Jongen, IBA Founder</p>

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