IBA Academy

From Talent
To Expertise

Well trained people maximize your potential

At IBA, we know that well trained people maximize production potential. This is why we created the IBA Academy. It is a comprehensive training program to help you enlarge your knowledge base, optimize your expertise, and increase uptime and productivity.

Iba Academy
  • IBA Centers

    • - Real live hands-on training
    • - Access to regional centers
    • - Multi-competences
    • - Customized and progressive
  • Your Site

    • - Involve all your staff
    • - Use your system configuration
    • - Be embedded in your local context
  • Internship

    • - Join a radiopharma team
    • - Live routine or R&D work
    • - Be part of a scientific community
    • - Acquire GMP experience


Customer Voice

  • Our hands-on training was very efficient in realizing the full operation possibilities of this versatile cyclotron in a short time; but it also allowed us to customize our maintenance needs according to the utilization scenario.

    Dr. Uwe Holzwarth Scientific Officer, Commissione Comunità Europee C.C.R., Italy