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Extended Capability & Cost Effective

<p>Production capability can be increased with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), providing a cost effective solution to achieve more complex processes.</p>

Most Compact

<p>Synthera® Extension can fit into any existing hot cell. You can place&nbsp;it next to or on top of your other chemistry systems to accommodate your daily production needs.</p>

High Flexibility

<p>Synthera® Extension is versatile: it can be used as a stand-alone module or to complement the functionalities of Synthera®; e.g. reformulation purposes or theranostic radiopharmaceutical applications, like peptide labelling with <sup>68</sup>Ga, <sup>177</sup>Lu.</p>

Synthera® Extension

Synthera® Extension complements the functionality of the Synthera® platform with its additional valves and a syringe driver for more complex processes such as 68Ga-peptides labelling (for both generator and cyclotron liquid target solutions). The module employs a re-usable support cassette where disposable tubing can be placed, which eliminates the need to use an additional IFP™ for complex syntheses.

Clinical applications (routine):

  • [68Ga]Ga- PSMA, DOTA-TOC,… (cyclotron & generator first step of the process)
  • [18F]NaF 
  • [18F]FCH (alkylation step)
  • [18F]FDOPA (intermediate step)

Research applications:

  • 64Cu & 89Zr separation/purification
  • 61Cu separation/purification
  • 64Cu-ATSM labelling
  • 99mTc-separation/purification from cyclotron process

Other perspectives:

  • Formulation step
  • Labelling of other radiometals high yield in-house 177Lu and 68Ga radiolabeling for theranostics
  • Ammonia post-process…
Synthera Extension



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